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Post by Dragonis on Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:53 pm

In Illyrium, there are twelve legendary weapons, wielded by ancient men and women and are all incredibly powerful, and cursed in some way or other.

Gilgamesh - An ancient Lightning Magic tome, capable of calling down terrific storms of red lightning. Currently held by the Archmage of Krev. The wielder is cursed with an extended lifespan akin to a dragon's, but inability to keep their youth.

Deathscream - An ancient black sword that seems to absorb light around it. This is the Dragonis family heiriloom, forged by the family's founder, White Tarantula. While it gives its wielder (who must be of Dragonis-clan blood) enhanced speed and reflexes, it also drives them mad. Currently in the possession of King Isaac Dragonis.

Caesar - A holy lance that wars have been fought over the possession of it. For many centuries it has passed between the Seraphane royal family and the Thanin council. Currently it is in possession of Aurelios Thanos, dictator perpetous of Thanin. It is cursed with making its wielder increasingly lucky and wealthy, usually driving them power mad.

Nephilim - An ancient holy magic tome that is zealously guarded by the Seraphane church. Also called "judgement" in some circles, this tome calls down beams of holy light to smite the wicked. Like Gilgamesh, it grants its wielder a long, long life but without the ability to retain one's youth.

Daedelus - An ancient axe, once belonging to Krev's Tsar, it was since stolen by a Weischel raid and is passed around to the Pirate Kings. Its wielder becomes strong enough to crush boulders with their bare hands, but it also reduces their intelligence.

(More to come)

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