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Post by Mintaka on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:41 pm

Name: Sarnai Udgan
Age: 35
Race: Human
Homeland: Yanni
Family:  Tseng (Father -decreased), Onani (Mother - decreased), Mintaka (Twin Sister), Taki (Younger Sister), Orsk (Older Brother.), Bayar (Husband - Decreased)

Appearance: Sarnai stands around shorter than average in height. Her body is rather frail and delicate, always kept in a thick ritual robes that she never seems to get hot or uncomfortable with. Her hair, like her sister, is black with a indigo sheen, and kept over her shoulders in length. Her eyes are pale blue with a white blaze of color that streak across her left iris.


Where her twin sister is strong and lively, Sarnai is meek and shy. Her timidness does have a reason however, as her body tend to overreacted to exciting or stressful stimuli, causing her to have a series of coughing fits. The reason behind her lifelong illness remains unknown and she will verbally expressed her dislike for people doting on her because her aliment, even with her own family. She's a caring spiritual soul that will tend to the helpless and injured indiscriminately.

Biography: (Your character's life story.  At least three five-sentence paragraphs).

Equipment: Sense Intent, Read Minds, Mend, Barrier, Arcwind, Arcwater
Class: Herbalist --<3---Mage--->Sage

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