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Nasrin Andraste  Empty Nasrin Andraste

Post by Mintaka on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:05 am

Name: Nasrin Andraste
Age:  Age Unknown. Appears to be around mid 30s.
Race: Mamkute
Homeland: Cymru


Her human form is a moderate build woman, donning dark wings with various shades of violet, grey and black. She claimed that she could change her wings colors to any color she want and her wings are usually gold and white. Her eyes are amber bronze while her hair is black. The bladed staff she often seen carrying around is actually her dragon-stone in different form.

Nasrin Andraste  I73g4h

Congenial and reserved are two things that would describe Nasrin. She has a gentle, kind demeanor that present around everyone she meet. However, if the need arises, she can become informative and mature for her great age, becoming well-spoken, polite, and calm. She has a strong sense of pride and loyalty for Cymru, as she watched it grow for years.  When challenged , she is a fierce and extremely calculating person.

For a elder, however, she can be found rather easy to fluster over being asked about certain things. One important figure had figured this out.  One will also find that she has another weakness for sweets. One of her infamous pastimes would be interpreting fortunes (or fates) using a tarot-like game called Pillars


Nasrin or the Divine Dragon, Andraste, has only shared so much of her past. She had confessed coming here after saving a town after the island was destroyed by a volcano, then deciding to take refuge in the Continent of Illyrium.  She knows a good amount of history around Illyrium, but she rather not go back into memories on certain dates.  Instead, you would know of her living in High Tiamet, running and funding a orphanage to humans and dragons alike and even helping pairing in wyverns .

However, one would notice that disruption in the sky and the current events occuring gives even her a sense of dread, sensing that there is more of her past and connections that she has yet to reveal.

Equipment: Andraste - (Unique Dragonstone)
Class: Mamkute ----> Divine Dragon

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