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Name: Irina Katienka Yevahnova
Age: 33
Race: Human
Homeland: Krev


Even if her line of work is related to scienctific and magical research Irina knows that being the advisor of the Duke Armand Ibo means that she has to offer a good appereance. Even for the humblest activity Irina is all elegance; her figure is always clad in black and white attires, the sage's fine and slim figure emphasised by the cut of her clothes.

The brunette is definitely short, to the point that she needs to use higheels to have an average height but she never goes unnoticed; perhaps it’s her demeanor, perhaps it’s the way that she moves but  she is hard to forget.
Her face has imperfections, even if she tries to conceal them; her nose is slightly too long, her lips a touch too narrow and her eyebrows are incredibly irregular once the khol that covers them is washed at the end of the day but she also has something that makes her face special; her violet eyes so bright if compared with her triangular pale face and dark curls.
Even if her clothes may change there’s something that never changes; the velvet choker that she has around her neck, a present from a old friend.

For reference: Irina Yevhanova Tumblr_nqiqiykVeC1rcsmngo1_500


Irina’s most predominant virtue is her inteligence; that trait  has earned the sage her current role as an advisor. Even during her first stages of her training miss Yevahnov  proved a natural affinity towards magic and a brilliant mind that made her stand out from the rest of the students.

There aren’t virtues without flaws and a very predominat one is her reclutance to trust people, the brunette rarely shares her intentions or plans and that combined with her “strong” personality makes her quite unapprocheable. Irina has few friends for the obvious reasons but she cares deeply for them in her own way which involves more acts then words.
Her morals aren’t the best ones and she would break the law without hesitation and she doesn't have a clear limit, a “ethic line” but she always favours the lesser evil, as long as she can pick it. This is one of the reasons of why she hates to work in teams, she would rather suffer alone the consecuences of her own choices.

She has been trained in social skills, after all a charming smile or a few adecuate words can be very useful when it comes to obtain information or when it comes to avoid certain topics (Irina loathes to discuss personal things). While the sage can be diplomatic if needed she has a certain bad habit; she speaks her mind freely and acts as she wishes, something that has gained her more than one argument, for the obvious reason.

Her demeanor is not very different when she casts, her expression is cold and hostile; she’s a queen of ice with a visage that reveals nothing. While she doesn’t have plans on changing her personality anytime soon she is aware of that part of it it’s a mask, a barrier that protects her from people because she preffers the certeantly of the loneliness to the doubt of the betrayal, the hurt; to learn that inteligence doesn’t make her good enough, that peple won’t like her once they see what it’s the real face of the erudite.

Irina loves all the arts, from poetry to dance being her favourite music since in private she has pretty decent skills when it comes to sing and play the hapischord.

When people looks at Irina they imagine a noble upbringing but nothing could be further from the truth, that's why the sage rarely speaks of her past before moving to Seraphane and when she does she uses vague affirmations which reveal nothing.

Irina was born in Krev, the daughter to two civilians; a mother that died way too young and a father that blamed his daughter for his own failures. The sage doesn’t remember her mother but she remembers too well her father; an agressive man that didn’t hesitate when it came to show Irina, specially when he returned home drunk, that she wasn't welcomed.
She tried to endure everything, she wanted to believe that he would change but the rejection and the same treatment kept going. A night changed everything; after an specially rough argument Irina fleed her house crying, bruises already appearing on her fair skin. She was distressed scared and  angry. The brunette was ready to burst when someone approached her and she let it loose, a flicker of a flame appeared from no where as it was tossed in front of the stranger’s feet.

Irina tried to run but fate is a funny thing right? Hours later the “mysterious stranger” found her again catching the girl with the guard low. Irina was too frightened to speak properly and she tried to run away several times but after a couple of hours the woman managed to learn about her past and Irina discovered that her name was Anya, a member of the institution that taught magic. Anya offered her a position in the academy, she had a feeling of that Irina would be a good asset, a good stutdent.

Anya returned with Irina to her house and her father agreed to the deal, clearly not minding what would happen to his own daughter. The indifference towards her set Irina’s mind; she would never come back. It’s clear that her childhood has marked Irina’s personality, something quite evident when she joined the academy, in her cold demeanor towards both teachers and other students. Soon the brunette proved that she was highly talented, it was rare the exam in which she didn’t achieve an excellent result.

Anya saw her talent and she knew that she could shape the girl to be a sucessful woman; while she couldn’t change Irina’s personality she could teach her to put a façade, to be charming if she needed, to be intimidating when everything failed. The student never managed to reach Anya’s level but the change was really noticeable; diplomacy, persuasion, intimidation became tools as efficient as the strongest spell.

Irina left the academy and started to make ties to the point that she ended up in the heart of the civilization, Seraphane. Her personality still gets her in trouble more than what she would admit but despite of everything she has managed to gain a position as an advisor of a duke

Equipment: (See the weapon list).

Class: Mage---->Sage


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