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Post by Dragonis on Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:19 pm

Name: Tiberius Thanos
Age: 28
Race: Human
Homeland: Republic of Thanin

Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Tiberius is a man standing at 5'11" and weighing around 196 lbs.. He has short, wavy brown hair and strong facial features. What's remarkable about him is his multi-colored eyes, his left eye being green, his right eye being brown. In Thanin society, this is seen as an imperfection and he is disliked for it. He is athletically built, with a well toned physique.

He rarely steps out of his bronze Segmentata armor, but when he does, he wears a purple tunic with fur lining, and dark blue trousers, with thick fur lined boots. He also sports an enormous round bronze shield with a small gap in the right side to allow for his spear. His spear itself is uniquely designed, with a cross blade and a small tusk counterweight. Its name is Hannibal.

Personality: Tiberius is stoic and reserved, a defence mechanism of sorts due to his constant watchfulness for potential assassins, and not wanting to show weaknesses to his enemies. In private, he opens up quite a bit, his cold, business-like facade melts away into someone who is a caring friend and a cunning tactician. Due to his lacking the "perfect" image that is the norm of Thanin, he is bitter towards those who lord their fortunes over him. In combat, he is team-oriented, used to fighting alongside those under his command on the front lines. He has a secret he keeps guarded carefully to all but those closest to him, and a general dislike of his father, Aurelius Thanos, the Dictator Perpetuous of Thanin.

Biography: Born into the upper class of Thanin society, but being born with the imperfection of mismatched eyes, Tiberius grew up harder than others of his social caste. His father had served the King of Thanin for many years, being on the king's council. One day, a coup was staged and the mad king was slain, making way for the rise of democracy in the harsh land. As Tiberius grew older, his father had accumulated a popular following in the Senate, eventually being named Dictator Perpetuous after several successful campaigns against their neighbouring countries, as well as Aurelius' expansionist views. Tiberius had studied the art of war from various teachers who begrudgingly taught him.

He proved to them that despite his imperfection, he was a fast learner and a keen student in combat. He was able to keep morale up with his soldiers, by fighting alongside them rather than commanding from behind. This had gained the respect of his subordinates, they viewed him as a "Killing Officer" instead of a "Murdering Officer". He passed all of his tests and had gained command of his own private brigade at the age of 18. For years, things went smoothly.

Then came the scandal.

His father had arranged a marriage between Tiberius and the princess of Seraphane. For some undisclosed reason, he went on record to the public that he would not marry her. This caused an outrage, as it worsened the already tense relationship between the Seraphane and the Thaninites. Still, he was adamant that he would not marry the Princess.

Five years have passed since then,

Due to the scandal, Tiberius had lost his officer's commission, and was left jobless in a caste-based society. His father took pity on him, and assigned him as the ambassador to Seraphane. So now he acts in that capacity, mediating a shaky truce between the two countries, as well as his apparent friendship with the princess he had spurned years earlier.

What exactly happened?

Equipment: Hannibal (Unique Spear)
Class: Legionnaire -> Centurion

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