Kai Nephesh, Master of Morphs (WIP)

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Kai Nephesh, Master of Morphs (WIP) Empty Kai Nephesh, Master of Morphs (WIP)

Post by Dragonis on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:34 pm

Name: Kai Nephesh
Age: 32
Race: Dragonkin Human
Homeland: Krev Tsardom
Family: No family, all deceased, killed by Weischel raiders.

Appearance: Kai Nephesh stands hunched at 5'8", shoulders slumped forward from years of nonstop study, pouring over books and scrolls. His skin is a pale sickly white from the lack of sunlight, and his hair is naturally a pure white in color, and kept in a loose ponytail behind his head. His eyes are a pale blue color, overall giving him an eerie, unearthly appearance. He often dresses in black robes with purple trim due to his working in Thanin and thus, adopting the colors of the nation. All in all he is handsome, if a little off-putting to look at.

Personality: Kai has always been an insular man, but he spent much of his childhood in the Mage Tower following Irina around. Around anyone else, Kai had been silent, moody and when angered, venomous. He was infamous for his temper and thus, bullies gave him wide berth after he melted the face and hands of one who tried to beat Kai to a pulp. As an adult, Kai is still introverted and moody, but now having been a full graduate of the Mage Tower, he has gained much power since his childhood, being the first person to posit the Morph equation to the Archsage, and having already raised several Morphs himself while gathering corpses and quintessence from dead warriors. This has made him a bit of a pariah amongst the more religious folks, and even the most scientific minded people give him wide berth.

Biography: (Your character's life story.  At least three five-sentence paragraphs).

Equipment: Quintessence Container, Elder Spellbook
Class: Shaman -> Sorcerer


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