[NPC] Erika Pshkova, Archsage of The Tower

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[NPC] Erika Pshkova, Archsage of The Tower Empty [NPC] Erika Pshkova, Archsage of The Tower

Post by Dragonis on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:55 pm

Name: Archsage Erika Sigisovna Pshkova
Age: Physical Age: 50, Actual Age: 238
Race: Human
Homeland: Krev Tsardom
Family: Vladimir Pshkov (Father, deceased), Elga von Reicht (Mother, deceased), Ingrid Kolja (Daughter, deceased), Ana Pshkova (Daughter, deceased), Several grandchildren, all deceased, countless descendants, some living, some dead.

Appearance: The Archsage of Krev is deceptively youthful looking for her age, courtesy of the magics afforded her by two legendary tomes. She is of short stature, with sea green eyes and beautiful mature features, a strong jawline and a perpetually furrowed pair of eyebrows. Age has affected her hair though, the once thick black locks of hair are a solid steel grey color now, and are thin wisps in some places. She usually hides this by wearing a hat and veil. She is usually seen wearing form fitting deep blue dresses and robes, and a silver chain adorning her neck with a pendant of sapphire, the last memento of her parents that has survived the centuries.

Personality: How does one describe the personality of someone who has lived an unnaturally long life? Humans barely live longer than 60 years at best and Erika Pshkova has lived for centuries. Very few people are alive who knew of Erika from her youth, and they are all dragons from her days visiting the kingdom of Cymru. She used to be optimistic, cheerful and kind but decades passed and after achieving her title of Archsage, she began to change. She outlived her parents, which was normal, but when her children and grandchildren grew old and died while she remained physically the age she achieved her high rank, she began to grow cold and distant. Now, she is outwardly half-mad, babbling to herself, talking to shadows, and engrossing herself in foot-wide dusty ancient tomes, creating formulae and calculating the unknowable. Her long reign over the Mage Tower has been heralded as an age of scientific advancement, and she personally presided over the creation of the first Morphs. She obsesses over the Crack in the Sky, and sends as many scholars as she can to study it, occasionally visiting it personally, but make no mistake, she is cruel when angered and her unhinged mental state means her anger can trigger at a moment's notice.

Biography: A long time ago, there was a Seraph and Krevite couple who produced a daughter, that daughter showed a remarkable talent for magic at an early age. At six she was already creating fires capable of destroying whole rooms. Her parents sent her to the Magic Academy. Erika learned new languages, new spells, and court intrigues of the various nations over the subsequent decades. She achieved the rank of Sage at age twenty five, and eventually she married and had a daughter with her husband. Eventually her husband was found to be a spy from Weischel, trying to sabotage the mage tower from within and Erika was forced to kill him. She had other lovers over time, and two other daughters. By the time she turned 50 she ascended to the rank of Archsage, given charge of all the mages learning in the academy, as well as two relics: the legendary tomes Ragnarok and Stygia.

For the first century of her reign, life was good. Then the Crack that was always present in the sky opened up massively, reaching the borders of Krev and Thanin. Things became interesting and Erika, having outlived her children and grandchildren, devoted herself to her research and work. Erika succeeded in researching part of the Crack's behaviour. After a time, she started to become more and more reclusive as she lived far past a human's regular lifespan, forgetting much of her past and her family. Today, Erika stays shut in her office in the Mage Tower, only showing up in public during essential functions. She rarely speaks to anyone unless it is important, and her sanity has been questioned by those ambitious enough to vie for her job as Archsage.

Equipment: Ragnarok (Legendary Anima Tome), Stygia (Legendary Elder Tome)
Class: Mage -> Sage -> Archsage


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