Gilyova "Rosetta" Hejrene, Manakete

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Gilyova "Rosetta" Hejrene, Manakete Empty Gilyova "Rosetta" Hejrene, Manakete

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Gilyova "Rosetta" Hejrene, Manakete Rosetta

Name: Gilyova Hejrene (Rosetta)
Age: 44
Race: Half-Blood Dragonkin (Manakete); Fire Dragon
Homeland: Cymru (ancestral homeland); born in Krev


  • FATHER: Abraxes Hejrene • [Full-Blood] Manakete Male – Alive
  • MOTHER: Kostina Sofia Pavlovna • Human Female – Alive

Gilyova stands five feet, seven inches tall in her human-form. She has dark skin and red eyes. Her body is well-shaped, with medium sized breasts that seem proportionate to her frame. Her body is in good shape and health, and, though she is muscular, she is not overly so, nor is she a hulk. Her hands are tough and calloused, a tribute to the kind of work she does and is used to doing. A brand, a network of interconnected swirls, snakes her way across her back, reaching her shoulders. It dips down in the ridge of her back. Usually, she appears to have an expression that relays her energetic nature, and much of the time, it's either a smile or a glare. She is said to have a glare to die for. She has long, slightly wavy hair of a dark, almost black, brown that turns up in the end in the back, which can be tied back during combat. She can, at times, be seen sporting a black headband which serves to cover her pointed ears.

Not one for feminine attire, Gilyova usually is seen wearing a black, sleeveless shirt under a red cloak. Her pants, which are loose-fitting on her - one could even say they are baggy - are of a dark gray colour. Beneath, she wears black moccasin-like shoes that fit well and simply slip on, enough to throw kicks in them.

Her dragonform, the same shade of crimson as her shirt—well, almost—is well-built and powerful. Her tail is long and thick, and she has a massive chest, with rippling muscles. A pair of curved horns extends upwards from her head, with another set extending from the ends of his mouth. Her snout juts out, and the neck it's upon is thick, but allows her to position her head when she fires off blasts. Two horns just out from either shoulder, and two muscular arms are attached to a huge chest, which gradually becomes smaller as it gets to her more serpentine lower area, which is set upon two stubby hind legs with inward turned joints. Protrusions stick from the sides of her arms. Under her jaw, down the front of her neck, over her chest, and stomach, and under her tail, the scales are smaller, and are of a tan colour. Sticking from her back, she has a two wings that are small in proportion to her body, and may be used for flight, but this capability is limited. Her brands cover her dragonform in relation to where they are on her beorc body.

Gilyova is outgoing and friendly, but a very blunt and to the point person.  She hates people who dance around subjects or use subtle cues to communicate.  She'd rather they just say what they're gonna say, to her face.  Of course, if they don't have the combat ability to back it up...well, she can understand their intimidation.

She's very active, and very athletic. Of course, she thinks about her looks, but not overly much. As long as her hair has no tangles, and she feels fit, she's happy and content about her appearance. Outwardly she seems youthful, energetic, and happy, but inside is where her true feelings hide. While on the outside, she is friendly and welcoming, on the inside, she tends to judge people by how they act at first, and only when she sees what they are like, does she have the possibility of changing her mind about them.  This is due to her mixed heritage and her experiences.

Gilyova, when she is devoted to something, will do it with an obsessive passion, and when she does, she usually does a good job. She's good at absorbing information and remembering things. However, she hates electricity. She hates the sound it makes, and the flash. Usually, she will freeze up when she sees lightning, and, try as she might, this fear seems unconquerable, and it angers her that she does. She also has, and always will, fear bees. She hates the way the things look, fly, and sound. She's not fond of bugs in general, but she does like spiders.

She does what she must to survive.  She does what she must to be comfortable.

Gilyova Hejrene's father was a wandering mamkute by the name of Abraxas.  By the time she was born, he was gone; he probably hadn't even realised her mother's time with him had culminated in the making of a child.  Kostina thus raised the child alone.  Away from her family, because they would undoubtedly study the girl.  It was a struggle, living off almost nothing, but they managed.  Her mother worked two jobs, along with teaching her child to read and write and other things.  Eventually, Gilyova was old enough to help her mother.

Food and money and shelter were hard to come by, but they did what they had to, to get by.  Rosetta's mother was growing older, however, and Gilyova was hardly aging.  Her mother made a hard decision, telling her daughter to not be endeared to her, that she could stay with her family.  And Gilyova agreed to this, knowing that Kostina needed to stay with the family that would undoubtedly shun the red-eyed girl.

As for Gilyova, she did what she could to get by.  Eventually a strange man with dark hair like her own came to visit; he told her that he was her father, Abraxas.  He gifted her with a stone, and taught her how to fend for herself using it.  It was a bittersweet moment, encountering her father, and Rosetta didn't know how to feel.  Eventually they parted ways.

After her mother died of illness, Gilyova took to wandering to cope.  And that is what she has been doing to this day.

Equipment: Dragonstone
Class: Manakete


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