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Post by Dragonis on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:32 pm

Name: Taro
Age: 15
Race: Human
Homeland: Yanni Khanate
Family: The Golden Khan (Father), Sima (Mother, deceased), Mintaka (Aunt/Mother figure)

Appearance: Taro is a young man, who hasn't quite reached his full height yet, but his small frame lends itself well to horse riding. Atop his head is a mop of black hair that he keeps usually under a helmet when the Horde is on the move. He stands fully at 5' 5", with a light but lean build, from years of practice with horseback archery. He wears sleeveless riding tunics and riding pants, with high lace leather sandals. His horse is named Kaze, a chestnut gelding that he had been grooming since he was old enough to ride. He is so in tune with Kaze at this point he can guide his horse with his thigh and hip movements alone.

Personality: Taro, being someone born in the Yanni Khanate, he had to grow up really quickly. From the time he could crawl he was taught by his father the Golden Khan how to ride a horse. As the years went by, Taro was suddenly stuck by the tragedy of his mother passing away from fever when he was five years old. He spent the next ten years living with his aunt Mintaka who doted on him and helped teach him, and thus feels a strong bond with her and opens himself up to her with his problems. He outwardly tries his best to impress his aunts and uncles, especially his father the Golden Khan. He is apathetic towards his brothers and sisters as the age gaps between many of them is great.

Biography: Taro was born as The Golden Khan's tenth child, and even though he had many siblings, he was never completely neglected by his father. The Golden Khan would play with and train one of his many children on each day, therefore none were shown favouritism and all were equal. For the first five years of his life, Taro was raised by his mother until she passed away due to illness. Devastated, the young Taro became introverted and quiet, until one of his aunts, Mintaka, took it upon herself to raise him. Every day his father spent with him, Taro had learned horsemanship and archery. From Mintaka he learned hand to hand combat and usage of knives and tools. Occasionally Taro would accompany his adoptive mother on her travels and thus he had seen more of the world than the average member of the tribes.

Though young, Taro hungers for adventure and to prove to the world that Yanni are not the backwards savages that other nations paint them as.

Equipment: Short Bow
Class: Nomad


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