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Post by Mintaka on Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:53 pm

Name: Gallus Cato  
Age: 32
Race: Human
Homeland: Republic of Thanin


Gallus is a man with strong muscular build standing at 190cm. So much that his armor is well proportioned for his height. The heavy armor is very dark indigo with a more rustic-fading golden trim and it is also nicknamed Cerberus for the two dog heads mounted on his shoulders along with the chest accent around neck collar. His face seems more weathered than his actual age with a scar underneath his left ear down that fades off as it goes down to his neck. He doesn't try to hide it for three reasons. One, scars are rather commended among Thanins. Two, his hair is a short mess of auburn hair, lacking the length to hide it. The third reason relies on the fact he is rarely seen without his armor, even during his infamous naps.

Even though he sleeps a lot, no one has ever heard him snore. No one knows the secret behind this and his ability and eagerness to eat past his own body weight (when he gets a chance to...making him a terror in buffets) with a cast iron stomach.


Being raised among the long traditional line of great commanders tend to make the generations that carried Cato family legacy rather high bar to upheld. The eldest and only son grew up with everyone hovering him around as the Genius of the Thanin, with no shortage of higher caste trying to curry his interest from wanting to sponsor his entries into the regular tournament to sending their daughters to date him. While Gallus....

...completely dislikes the attention.

This dislike brought on a rather lethargic, lack-of-eagerness attitude towards most people. He could be found napping in classes and tutors (after he already read five chapters ahead and done all homework) and giving dismissive notions, saying certain things as a bother. He confided with Tiberius, very close childhood friend to help translate his outside appearance at times.

The easiest way to understand Gallus's personality is to not assume the obvious. Gallus seems to be never serious or appearing to others as serious. He would lay down on the job without a care in the world and seems adamant of getting his required sleeping day, as he would sleep for entire day. (sometimes two).

Despite this nonchalant demeanor towards just about everyone, he is competent with his line of work and has obtained a surprising amount of commendations.  He's loyal to his friends, as they are very few that would see his calm, jovial and caring nature. Those few would also know about his dislike for attention and people being dishonest with their feelings. He has a pragmatic respect towards his opponents, that he will fight without restraint.


(Coming soon)

Equipment: Bellona (Unique Spear - Partisan), Tomahawk, Gladius

Class: Legionnaire  --Centurion--- > General


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