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[NPC] The Golden Khan, Khan of Khans Empty [NPC] The Golden Khan, Khan of Khans

Post by Dragonis on Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:45 pm

Name: Orsk Khan, The Golden Khan
Age: 41
Race: Human
Homeland: Yanni Khanate

Appearance: The Golden Khan is a large man, towering at 6'5" and a body made of muscle, well hidden under form concealing robes or armor. His facial features are weathered and lined from his years of hard living, with a full, well groomed beard of graying black hair. He often shaves his head, but currently wears his hair in a tight bun at the top of his head, with flecks of grey at his temples. His dark eyes show a cunning countenance and a nasty temper bubbling just beneath the surface.

Personality: The man formerly known as Orsk is a complicated man. As the Khan of Khans in Yanni, he is a firm but fair ruler to his people, but his aggressive stance towards the bordering nations of Thanin, Seraphane and Cymru make him disliked among foreign powers. Growing up, he was a bully to his many siblings, but if anyone ever threatened or harmed his family, he'd put an end to it, violently. In regards to his children, nephews and nieces, The Golden Khan softens considerably, being a doting father and uncle. He firmly believes in might making right, and thus his bullying personality of childhood grew into a tactical, militaristic mind as an adult.

Biography: Born to the Great Khan, Tseng under the name Orsk, the eldest of Tseng Khan's six children. Orsk spent his early years learning to ride and how to make arrows. His father Tseng Khan opened up the borders to the neighbouring nations for trade instead raiding them. When Orsk turned eight he started learning how to shoot a bow, and how to speak properly to others, and how to lead. He spent many years with these lessons constantly being drilled into his head. He looked out for his younger siblings but also felt intense rivalry with them. Each were being trained as future khans, but only one of them would be named Tseng's heir to the title of Great Khan. Orsk intended for it to be himself.

He worked hard, studied hard, and fought hard as he grew older. Eventually he started having children of his own, starting at age 14. As the years went by, and Orsk finally earned the title of heir to his father's title, Orsk started to grow ambitious, but also kept in mind that the population of the Yanni Khanate was relatively small compared to the other nations. He studied tactics, strategy, and governance. Eventually Tseng Khan passed away and Orsk was crowned Khan of Khans. He renamed himself The Golden Khan to commemorate the ascension and immediately set about reformations.

The first was to allow magic users into Yanni territory, as their old beliefs under his father did not allow for magic practitioners. The Golden Khan knew one of his siblings exhibited magical power, so he allowed her to be able to study and wield magic, and this in turn extended down to everyone else in Yanni. His other reforms included dividing the tribes of Yanni amongst his siblings, each one becoming khan of a tribe, all under his command. With this, he started brushing up aggressively against the borders of Thanin and Cymru, testing the defenders to see if they would be the first ones to initiate conflict. Naturally, this strained The Golden Khan's relationship with other world leaders.

Still, even in his old age, he maintains his stance that the Yanni should expand, though he has started to ease up a little more while his children and grandchildren grow. For now, things are quiet, but tense with outsiders.

Equipment: Short Bow
Class: Golden Khan (Unique)


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