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Post by Mintaka on Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:02 pm

Name: Mintaka Khan
Age: 35
Race: Human
Homeland: Yanni


Mintaka had a serious disposition, often seen as stoic and unfeeling towards others, though she usually has a good reason.  She possesses an incredible battle sense, due to her experience as a warlord and natural talent. With strangers, she tend to be rather friendly and congenial until the need diminishes based off from the personality of the person. This is due to her coinciding among outsiders in her travels,  learning various traits and social skills that would allow her to blend in and deal with others. However, her wise, motherly nature should not be mistaken for gentleness or weakness.  She can switch at a drop of a rock, becoming fierce, merciless warrior accounted in the tales.


Mintaka is a young woman standing at a height of about 5’7”. Her hair is indigo black, usually kept in a long ponytail. Her eyes are dark indigo with tiny specks of white. She has a sleek, athletic frame with toned areas that would indicate a unladylike focus in physical strength.

More of her outfits, both combat and out of combat, lack sleeves because of her preference and her style of fighting that requires more control of the shoulders. .Most people would see her in her Yannin (Mogul/Oriental) style vests but not the lamellar armor vest over a silk undershirt . Another common thing in her wardrobe would be the decorative splinted vambraces on her arms and the splinted shin guards over her riders boots.  Her bottom are usually a Yannin style dress skirt that completes a nomad dress appearance with the vest with a layer of chain armor legging underneath.  Other parts of her full-combat attire  includes with interchangeable coulters for the elbows and a pair of shoulder guards, but there are rarely worn on a regular basis.  

Her axe is rather unique compared to most seen in combat with a long cleaver type blade, a wider variation of a bardiche, on a 5.5 ft shaft. There is a intricate design close to  the joint of the blade. Three stars, inlaid in crushed gemstone of sorts, with a foreign script surrounding one of the stars patterns that translates:

“I am the guide of the Hunter, Alnilam. In peace, I sleep with dull but cautious light that guides my people. When I join ..(Unreadable) .. will wake to cut away the darkness caused by a great calamity that comes to the lands. “


From Onani (O-na-NI), the Great Khan's first wife, Tseng beget Orsk, along with three daughters  Sarnai, Takit, and Mintaka. Mintaka was the first daughter of the three, who inherited her father's fierce composure and strength, as well as his sense of rivalry. The latter often clashes with Orsk during the young days, as bouts between the two were almost as common as the western winds. Among the Yanni, if a woman can stand in battle like a male in battle, she will not be denied her right as warrior. So Mintaka was highly favored among the warriors, allowed to sit at the fires and allowed to hear the stories of unification wars that were taking place at that time.  The stories also involved the warriors demonstrating various fighting moves used during the battle, which Mintaka memorized with avid quickness. She practiced the moves in secret, realizing her natural affinity to the martial arts.

Around the age of 16, she grew tired of restricted to a sparring stick and decided to get a weapon of her own.  After trying out several weapons in the royal armory,  she stormed out frustrated as none of the weapons suit her. Then one day, on the darkest night of the new moon, she strolled across the plains lead by the cairns of ancient battles and wasn't heard from for 14 days and nights.  On the first day of summer, she returned, dirty and battered, with a large weapon shrouded in cloth.  She was harshly reprimanded and interrogated by her father throughout that night. A couple of days after that, Mintaka was walking the camp as usual, but with a rather large ancient waraxe that she brought back home.  There was a sense of warrior spirit that emulated her as she allowed to wield Alnilam, the Sleeping Waraxe that was lost to the Yanni. Its discovery had acted as one of many catalysts to Tseng's claim to unite the tribes as the Great Khan.

She sat among Orsk and elders as part of the council to aid the uniting the tribes. For some odd reason, Tseng publicly forbid Mintaka to marry, regardless of what type of political or financial growth he would have gain for offering her hand to another lord. Mintaka would mention a oath that her father made her took involving that, but never entrusted the details to anyone, not even to Sarnai or Orsk. She served as one of the Great Khan's great generals until her father's death. Upon Orsk's coronation and proclamation as the Golden Khan, Mintaka departed the tribe.

Followed by Sarnai and a handful of trusted people, Mintaka became the Khan of her non-intentionally established the nomadic Shona Clan, which operated on traditions of old and honorable code of the warrior that Mintaka had followed. The traditions, festivals and contests created by the Shona are strangely adopted by various tribes.

The crack in the sky gives Mintaka a state of unease, similar to the night when she walked off and disappear for two weeks....Does it has something to do with why she was led to find Alnilam?

Equipment:  Alnilam (unique axe - Legendary? Cursed?), Pair of Kukris, and Recurve Bow
Class: Raider  ----> Warrior

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