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[NPC] Euryens Cambridge, The Crimson Swordmaster Empty [NPC] Euryens Cambridge, The Crimson Swordmaster

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Name: Euryens Cambridge
Age: 48
Race: Human
Homeland: Weischel

Appearance: As Euryens has not been seen in over a decade, people only remember what he looked like at his peak; tall with an imposing physique and chiselled musculature. His dark hair was long, tied back in a shabby ponytail that ended at the small of his back. His moniker of The Crimson Swordmaster/The Crimson Champion was from the red longcoat he wore constantly, opened so as to show off his chest and the cross-shaped scar on his sternum. Those who saw him up close would note his forest-green eyes and the hidden cunning behind them. He was always described as passably-good looking, though many actors in plays depict him as the rugged, dashing hero type. The problem is this man was so larger-than-life that it's impossible to know what his true appearance is anymore, as the majority of those who knew him personally are either dead, or inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Actors always show him with the trademark crimson long coat, and weathered brown trousers, and a sturdy pair of riding boots. His swords which made him famous in the arenas of Thanin, Cymru and Seraphane are usually described as being 'odd' in that one was a sabre (named Senzo) with engravings on the blunt-side of the blade and a falcata, a sword that curved forwards and tapered wider at the tip. His unorthodox fighting style and undefeated arena record inspired many to conceive of him as some kind of giant of a man.

Personality: Again, not much is known about the real Euryens Cambridge's personality, but the plays often depict him as a roguish, swashbuckling hero, or a dashing mountain of a man. The very few who actually met the man before his disappearance say that he was stern, business-like and pragmatic. He was also humble and not at all boisterous unlike his theatre depiction. Being from Weischel, he had a natural aversion to magic users, though not the outright cruelty they tend to feel towards them. Those who saw him fight rarely saw him fight a second time unless they were spectators in the stands of whatever coliseum he was fighting in at the time. In battle, he was always cold and stoic, never speaking to his opponents, never taunting unless he knew it would expose a weakness he could exploit. His fighting technique usually involved dancing around opponents' attacks with grace and poise, letting them tire themselves out before he felled them in short order.

If he is still alive ten years later, no one has seen or heard from him, so no one knows what his current personality is now.

Biography: Not much is known about Euryens Cambridge's early life before he started suddenly becoming the undisputed champion of three different nations' arenas. What is known for certain is he was born on the smallest island of Weischel, and some records suggest he started off as a pirate, though this is unsubstantiated by other accounts.

One thing is certain however, at age 25, the young Euryens Cambridge debuted in the coliseum of Aura in Thanin. He moved and fought like no one else before or since, cutting and killing his way to the top spot. Standing upon the bodies of dozens of combatants, he cut an impressive figure. Instantly, playwrights were inspired by this young fighter from abroad, and started composing stories of a dashing young hero who fought in the 'slave pits of Aura' and rose to the top armed with naught but his fists and moxy. As the years went by and Euryens acquired more and more wins, he was only hit twice in his whole run as champion of Cymru, Thanin and Seraphane's arenas: two opponents who managed to be just quick enough to cut his chest near his heart. Out of respect, Euryens let those opponents live, though angry fans ended up killing them afterwards.

In his mid-thirties, Euryens suddenly vanished from the face of Illyrium. No one knew where he went or why, but fans of the plays like to believe he rode into the Crack on a golden pegasus to do battle with the greatest challenge of all: the Gods themselves. Whether this is true or not, remains to be seen.

Equipment: Senzo (Unique Sabre), Falcata
Class: Myrmidon -> Swordmaster -> Champion

Notes: Rumor has it that shortly before his disappearance, he took on an apprentice to become the next Crimson Champion.

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