[NPC] Isaac Dragonis, King of Cymru

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[NPC] Isaac Dragonis, King of Cymru Empty [NPC] Isaac Dragonis, King of Cymru

Post by Dragonis on Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:22 pm

Name: Isaac Dragonis
Age: 30
Race: Human (Dragonkin)
Homeland: Cymru


Isaac Dragonis is a man of average height and a lean, spare build. Most people however, first notice the man's head of bright red hair and grey eyes. His roan red hair is cut at a medium length, and on his chin is a short beard that helps outline his square jaw. Most would see him as handsome were it not for the large scar on his left cheek he acquired in a battle against his father, the previous king. The jagged scar is a constant reminder to Isaac that hubris nearly got him killed when he confronted his psychotic father.

Isaac usually dresses in his House colors of black and silver, though his armor is painted the same shade of blue as Cymru's army, though it retains Clan Dragonis' silver trim to it. Isaac's trusty wyvern is a red wyrm with black stripes named Keebo, the two trust each other completely. Isaac, being the sitting Dragonis on the throne, is the current wielder of the family blade, Deathscream. Its curse of inducing insanity on its wielder has only just started affecting the king of Cymru.

Personality: Isaac was always a bit of a black sheep in the Dragonis clan's history, having been raised separately from his father, King Torque. He grew to be kind and wise, though, because of the tenderness his mother showed him. When he came of age, he challenged his father, an accomplished swordmaster, to a duel to the death. After a long, devastating battle with the king, Isaac finally emerged victorious and ascended as king of Cymru. As king, he ruled benevolently for the past 14 years, though his sanity has only recently started to slip.

Isaac enjoys talking to foreign delegates who visit Cymru, though he is wary of potential assassination attempts. At parties, he would often ask to try out someone else's drink, outwardly cordial about it, though secretly avoiding drinking from his own cup in case it was poisoned (and possibly also to try new things out). Among his subjects, he treats all dragons and dragonkin as his protectorate, and thus, will not tolerate any attacks on his people. With war a likely thing on the near horizon, Isaac is prepared to defend his borders from the neighbouring nations of Yanni, Seraphane and Weischel.

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Equipment: Deathscream (Unique, Legendary, Cursed)
Class: Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Knight -> Wyvern Lord

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