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Post by Dragonis on Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:44 pm

Spells work a little differently than weapons. Spells known are determined by the discipline of magic studied, as well as the experience of the user. Magic also comes with a cost: magic can corrupt people who use it too often, make them go mad, or they become addicted to it. Magic is feared, but powerful and even the most basic of spells can cause much damage. As a general rule, the more powerful the spell, the greater the toll it takes on the caster's stamina and physical health.

Anima Magic - Student Level
Fire - Create a small fireball or brief beam of flames
Thunder - Create a bolt of electricity
Water - Create a small impact of water, or produce water from the moisture in the air
Wind - Create a quick slash of razor-sharp wind
Telekinesis - Move light objects with your mind
Sense Intent - Determine the emotional intent of those nearby.

Anima Magic - Graduate Level
Elfire - Produce a column of flame at the feet of target, or make a sustained beam of flames
Elthunder - Cast a current of electricity, able to be sustained. Or call down a bolt of lightning from the heavens.
Elwater - Create a torrent of water, or a giant fist of water to strike opponents.
Elwind - Create several razor-sharp blades of wind, or manipulate the speed and direction of the wind in short bursts.
Read Surface Thoughts - Be able to read the surface thoughts of people's minds, fleeting thoughts.
Minor Barrier - Create a magical barrier around yourself or a single person for defense.

Anima Magic - Sage Level
Arcfire - Create a large ball of flame, or a cone of blue flames.
Arcthunder - Call a small lightning storm to strike down multiple foes.
Arcwater - Spawn a wall of water in front of the caster, and manipulate it to create ice spears to fend off attacks.
Arcwind - Conjure a two to three miniature tornadoes to cause devastation in a focused area.
Read Minds - Be able to read active thoughts in a person's mind.
Barrier - Create a magical shield around the caster and anyone within 5 feet of them.

Anima Magic - Master Level
Bolganone - Rip open the earth to call an eruption of lava.
Thoron - A massive bolt of lightning is summoned from the heavens to strike multiple foes.
Monsoon - Create a tidal wave of water to wash away foes.
Excalibur - Summon up an enormous blade of wind to tear multiple opponents asunder.
Read Deep Thoughts - Read true intent behind people's thoughts.
Aegis - Create a massive magical barrier around yourself and all allies within eyesight.

Light Magic - Student Level
Light - Create a spark of holy light, can also be used passively as illumination.
Heal - Close up superficial and other minor wounds.

Light Magic - Graduate Level
Shine - Cast wheels of light that explode on contact.
Moonlight - Using the power of the moon, mend your own wounds by stealing the vitality of others.
Ellight - Smite your foes with a beam of light.
Mend - Heal broken bones and deeper wounds without leaving a scar.

Light Magic - Bishop Level
Divine - Like Shine, Divine conjurs exploding wheels of light. These ones are larger and more devastating.
Arclight - Call a hammer of light from the heavens to smite your foes.
Psychic - Heal wounds from a distance, as long as the person is within eyesight.

Light Magic - Master Level
Purge - Telepathically conjure great pillars of light that explode around a target at a distance.
Aura - Summon forth a massive tower of light to hammer down on a group of opponents.
Naga - Named for one of the ancient goddesses, summons the head of the dragon goddess to 'consume' foes in holy fire.

Elder Magic - Student Level
Flux - Create a ball of dark magic that melts into the ground before appearing at the feet of an opponent which then explodes.
Summon Skeleton - Summons a bony bodyguard from the dust on the ground.

Elder Magic - Gradutate Level
Read Surface Thoughts - Be able to read the fleeting thoughts of others.
Summon Zombie - Raise a corpse to become a temporary undead servant.
Luna - Create several Flux balls around a foe that explode shortly afterwards.
Nosferatu - Drain the life of an opponent to heal yourself.
Ruin - A potent blast of dark energy strikes foes.

Elder Magic - Sorcerer Level
Read Minds - Be able to read active thoughts in a person's mind.
Aversa's Night - A far more potent version of Nosferatu, but the strain on the caster's body is far greater.
Swarm - Summon a swarm of insects to bite and pick at and otherwise inconvenience opponents.
Summon Gargoyle - Summon a flying stone guardian to assist the caster.

Elder Magic - Master Level
Read Deep Thoughts - Read true intent behind people's thoughts.
Eclipse - From a long distance, release a devastating ball of dark magic that rips groups of foes apart.
Waste - Conjure a cloud of dark flames around a group of enemies, causing pain and devastation in its wake.
Fenrir - Invade an opponent's mind and terrify them with the image of a demon attacking them.
Summon Centaur - Summon an axe-wielding horse-man hybrid.

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